ISS Long Beach Expo and Convention

The 2019 ISS Long Beach Expo and Convention was a huge success! It is one of the biggest trade shows in the industry, bringing companies from all over the world attend. We were able to strengthen our relationships by being able to meet person to person with our contacts from Stokkup, clothing suppliers, M&R, Ryonet, and Virus Inks.

Our role at the Expo, along with strengthening relationships, was to help print and showcase our premium water based inks supplied from Virus in Italy. As the Technical Support for Virus Inks in North America, Colin aided Virus at the show in several aspects. He had Lilah, our prepress operator, prep all the screens for them here in our facility. The Virus screens were then shipped to the Expo to be printed by Tyler, our printing apprentice, to enamor the masses of the variety of effects Virus’ water based inks are capable of.

Also in attendance was our Account Manager, Cherry, to gain more knowledge of the upcoming trends in apparel and innovations in the industry.

We did get our hands dirty, so you can call it work.